Recover. Recycle. Reuse. Renew.

Globally, more than 2 billion people use some form of cell phone or wireless communication device. The goal of Cellular Recovery Network is to recover these phones and put them to good use before they find their way into the waste stream.

We operate online and on the ground. We collect cell phones by mail and through community collection boxes at designated Recovery Sites. We accept them one at a time or in large quantities, from businesses and from individuals. Every phone matters. Every phone makes a difference.

Environmental protection
Every cell phone we recover is one less phone that ends up polluting the environment. The typical cell phone may contain elements of lead, zinc, beryllium, arsenic, cadmium and other bioaccumulative toxins. Not a big deal for one cell phone. But a serious environmental issue when you consider the shocking volume of cellular devices disposed of in landfills every day.

Resource conservation
Cell phones represent an enormous amount of reclaimable resources. Plastics can be recycled. Circuit board components can be reused. Numerous other elements such as silver, gold and nickel can also be reclaimed and reused. Obviously, not every phone is reduced to its component parts. Some can be refurbished, repaired and returned to useful service.

Charitable support
The immediate environmental impact of cell phone recycling is just the beginning. We are also turning potential cellular waste into a powerful force for long-term change by supporting national charities and organizations dedicated to the health and well being of people and the planet. The more phones we collect, the more we can do to help.

The core initiatives we support represent a range of humanitarian and environ- mental efforts, including:

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